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Movie Poster w a Twist DAL

Movie Poster DAL

Movie Poster w a Twist DAL

I’ve been wanting to draw a movie poster for my portfolio – but I decided I needed a twist to get me motivated (and to pep up my decidedly pedestrian taste in movies). Why not pair a movie with a completely different aesthetic?! – like 1960s Parent Trap with Film Noir or 1980s Overboard with the Criterion Collection styling…

Any designers out there want to play along with me?

Here’s what to do:

1. Make a list of 6 of your favorite movies (the less high-brow the better, I’m talking childhood faves like Flight of the Navigator)

2. Make a list of 6 movie genres/drawing styles (e.g., Film Noir, Horror, Cannes Film Festival Entry)

3. Take a 6-sided die and roll it once for each of your 6 movies. For example, my #1 was Troop Beverly Hills and I rolled a 3, which in my list was Film Festival Winner (If you’re unhappy with what you rolled, just keep rolling. I rolled a 1 first, the photograph shows what I rolled the second time.)
Movie Poster DAL

4. After you’ve paired up each movie, choose the pair that most strikes your fancy and start drawing!

When you reveal your poster on social media, label it #MoviePosterDAL so all the participants can admire your work! (DAL for Draw Along)

Who’s with me?!

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